Sunday, March 6, 2011

Want To Know How Solar Power Works?

We have been harnessing our energy from the sun in order to  do our environment a favor. More and more homes are switching to solar power  and enjoying the benefits of their good deed. There is no doubt that solar power  is a wonderful thing, supplying electricity to our lights and appliances. After  your solar system is paid for, you will be gaining your free energy from the  sun. But what a lot of people don't know is how solar power works. If you are  interested in finding out how we gain energy from the sun, then read on. 

The methods used. -

The most common way solar power is created is by using  photovoltaic technology. Sunlight is transformed directly into electricity with  the help of PV cells. These solar cells are used to make modules that create a  solar panel. When sunlight shines upon this solar panel, electrons in the solar  cells are loosened by the photons found in sunlight. From here an electrical  current is created from the loose electrons and can be utilized for electricity.  Thermal collectors can also be used to create solar power; this is done by  drawing heat from the sun. The solar thermal collectors have 3 group temperature  classifications; low, medium and high. Hot water that is used for commercial or  residential use would use a medium temperature collector, these are flat plates.  Electric power creation that collects sunlight with the use of lenses or mirrors  is done by high temperature collectors.

Photovoltaic technology; how it works.  -

We will discuss in more detail how the process of this  works because it is the most common form used. Once the electrical current is  created from loose electrons it just begin its work to create the electricity we  use. The solar energy is converted into direct current electricity by the solar  panels and then travels into an inverter. This inverter then transforms the  direct current electricity in 120 volt AC, this is the electricity required to  work appliances. This AC power goes through the utility panel in your home and  this is then circulated to lighting and appliances in your home. Excess solar  energy is stored in the battery as DC electricity enabling you to have  electricity during blackouts or at night. 

Solar power is a fantastic process in using a natural  resource to gain electricity for our homes. In understanding the process it is  easier to appreciate this renewable energy and hopefully encourage more people  to switch to solar power for a cleaner future.