Monday, February 15, 2010

Solar Panel Products: Providing Renewable Sources of Energy

We are getting greener.  These days there are products that are powered using renewable energy. Some of the more popular products are solar panel products.  Some of these products are great outdoor pieces like birdbaths, water fountains, and the like, all being powered by solar energy.  If you think about it, these items are suited for solar power as they would only be turned on during summer days and instead of using electricity, they use solar panels instead. Other solar panel products are outdoor lamps and just recently, some indoor lamps are getting their juice from the sun as well.

Just recently in the United States, there have been tax incentives in certain states for people transforming part of their homes to solar energy. As much as 30% in federal tax credits can be given to you for going solar. In fact, California, as one of the most promising and suitable places for solar energy set its goal of 33% of its energy by 2020 comes from renewable resources.  In the area of Berkeley, there is a move by the city to waive initial set up fees of solar cell converter.  Looking at how aggressive this city is, it is more probable that in the near future, this city will become the model city for the number of homes utilizing solar power as well.

In Australia, the uses of solar ovens have been in place for years. Relatively easy to set up, this makeshift cooking utensil was actually started by the aborigines and then was caught on by the rest of the aussies. Solar heaters in homes are probably more prevalent in this country than any other in the world. The use of solar panels is nothing new to them and they continue to grow in the number of solar users as this article is being written.

The advantage of having more people use solar panel products is that it drives the price down. Through the economies of scale, mass production of such items means that their prices becoming lower to be competitive against other companies that offer a similar product. The ending result is that we the consumers win. As china has entered the foray through its manufacturing advantage against other countries, their products become more affordable so that newly industrialized countries and its citizens become aware of it and hopefully purchase some products.  And if this trend continues, there will be less dependency on petroleum and oil. Solar energy, as a renewable resource, is now mainstream.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Green Mobile Classrooms Help Teach Environmental Issues

Mobile classrooms and portable buildings can be the perfect solution for schools that need to accommodate a growing number of students. They can be built quicker and offer a fast solution for schools which need to expand their facilities in a short time.

As classrooms have become overcrowded and provide outdated facilities, the need for an improved educational space has become greater. Mobile classrooms and portable buildings are now truly modular. A mobile classroom manufactured with modern technology can be a permanent part of the school. If your school system needs additional space, you can find a solution for an effective learning environment quickly and at an affordable price. A portable building or a mobile classroom is a solution to the problem of rapid growth and shifting school population.

Traditional temporary classrooms have a record of problems such as condensation, dust collection in HVAC systems, and mold. Modern mobile buildings are designed with the aim of avoiding such problems.

Mobile classrooms can be less expensive than traditional site built classrooms and can become available sooner than built classrooms. The cost for such a classroom can be as low as 45% cheaper than a typical permanent classroom or addition. Although traditional temporary classrooms can use more energy for heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation, such costs can be lowered by manufacturers of portable buildings that use green sources of energy.

Green portable building options use environmentally friendly building products, and energy saving technologies. Students studying in a green mobile classroom will be directly exposed to technology designed to protect the environment.

If your school is situated in a beautiful natural setting, the closer a classroom is to wildlife and nature, the more benefits your students can reap from studying science in such a location. Mobile classrooms can be oriented in any direction and can be installed in a wide variety of site conditions.

Understanding and conveying spoken messages is an important part of the learning process. Students are sensitive to background noise, their comprehension is greatly reduced due to background noise. Sources of noise may include outdoor sounds, loud air-conditioning and ventilation systems. Turning off the ventilation system can lead to increased carbon dioxide concentration and other indoor air quality problems. A mobile classroom or portable building is a better solution; it can even accommodate a music room where you can benefit from the noise insulation.

In a green mobile classroom, you can work with natural lighting, which is better for the ability of students to concentrate and for the overall learning. Students with the most classroom daylight can progress faster than those who learn in an environment which receives less amount of natural light. Sun pipes used in a green mobile classroom can diffuse the light and not be a source of glare. Daylight can provide for energy savings.

Portable buildings can be designed to have lower environmental impact. They are energy and water efficient. They use durable, non-toxic materials, high in recycled content and timber from sustainable forests. Portable buildings and mobile classrooms preserve pristine natural areas on their sites. They can use non-polluting and renewable energy to a greater extent.

One green solution for portable buildings and mobile classrooms are cool roofs. Cool roofs that reflect solar radiation and radiate energy away before it is absorbed can reduce the cooling load during peak hours when energy is more expensive. In addition, cool roofs are more weather and climate tolerant.

Another improvement offered by portable buildings and mobile classrooms manufacturers are sedum green roofs. Sedum roofs are living carpets of low growing succulent plants. They have shallow roots that absorb morning dew and can rehydrate during sunny and windy periods of drought. A sedum green roof can reduce heat loss in winter, and the internal temperature in summer, it helps reduce energy costs. It can improve sound insulation of the building, while plants will remove carbon dioxide and absorb pollutants from the air. It can also protect the roof from UV light while evaporation from the vegetation will cool the air around the roof.

Classrooms using PV solar power reduce energy costs and are a tool to make children better understand why saving energy and designing green solutions to building spaces will improve the quality of life on our planet.  PV panels reduce the carbon footprint and save energy costs.

Modular portable buildings have significant advantages including shorter constructions time, reduced site disruption, consistent quality, financial savings and flexibility of use. While manufacturers can produce specialty units such as science labs, or a technology enabled mobile classroom with computers and Internet access, the single classroom is the most common application. A mobile classroom can be a comfortable classroom, efficient in its use of materials and environmentally responsible.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Wind Generator?

Is it genuinely possible to assemble a homemade wind generator for less than $200? Yes it actually is! Additionally , the good thing is that the cash you will save on your electricity expenses should pay for it's construction in as little as 2 months! You can actually make a wind generator in as little time as a weekend, and make use of it to power your own property more or less straight away!

The concept of wind power is simply no longer far fetched as long as you have got a wind source. If the winds in your area average more than 5 miles per hour you have the possibility for making use of the wind as a serious and practical source of energy. There are many comprehensive instruction manuals available on line that will supply you with all the instructions you will need on how to make a wind turbine.

If perhaps you really don't want to construct your own, you may always go out and acquire ready manufactured kits however these tend to be much more expensive. These products are going to range around $3000 in cost. Why would you when you can construct your own for a couple of hundred or so dollars or less?

The other key to a project like this is you need to have expert assistance to install the power source to your home. If you do not know anything about installation of power, it is an absolute must that you find an expert to assist you with your hook-up.

To put together do-it-yourself windmills you'll want to have the correct materials and equipment. These should be simple to locate at a local hardware retail outlet. Most likely you are going to possess the tools you need for this challenge. It does not require more than popular household tools to build your wind turbine.

There are a lot of advantages to constructing do-it-yourself wind generators aside from saving cash on your energy bills. Realistically by law in the USA, you can actually sell back the energy you do not consume to the energy provider and make cash. You might also find tax deductions for making use of "green" energy resources.

On top of these superb financial incentives to turn environmentally friendly, you will also be assisting to conserve the environment from harmful pollutants when you utilize wind power. Lastly, one more benefit of having your own do-it-yourself wind mill is that you are likely to add value to your property. With an extra source of personal electricity your home is going to increase in market worth.

Hence what are you waiting for? Go and get started constructing your very own planet friendly windmill right now!

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