Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Make a Green Home

By: Michael Duggan

Making a green home can have a number of advantages for you,
your family and the environment. It can save you money on your
energy and water bills, as well as the general up keep and
maintenance of your home. A green home can also reduce your
ecological footprint by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels
and minimising the production of waste. Another reason to
building green is the improvement on your quality of life and
the health of your family. There are a huge amount of options
now available to make a green home and this article will
concentrate on five main areas for you to improve the
sustainability of your home.

The goal of making a green home is to reduce energy and water
use, save money, minimise waste, and improve the health of its
occupants. This can be achieved in many different ways, on a
range of budgets and in new and existing dwellings. One of the
best ways to achieve a green home is to start at the design
stage, before construction begins. However it is also possible
to green a home that has already been built.

Reducing your energy consumption can be achieved in a variety of
ways. The most cost effective way is also the simplest. When you
leave a room, turn the light off and when you're not using an
appliance switch it off. You can also purchase products that
have a high energy efficiency rating to further reduce your
energy use when you are using a particular appliance.
Air-conditioning and heating accounts for more than half of the
average household's energy consumption. The design and materials
used in the construction of your home can significantly reduce
the need to use mechanical heating and cooling. This will save
you money on energy bills and make your home more comfortable to
live in.

In many parts of Australia, water is a precious resource.
Minimising our use of water is very important and there are many
options available for your household to do this. Fitting water
saving devices is the easiest way to achieve water use
reductions. The purchasing of water efficient washing machines
and dish washers can further reduce your water consumption. The
installation of rainwater tanks can supply additional water
resources for flushing toilets and watering the garden. It is
also possible to reuse grey water by running it through a
treatment system. This water can then be used in the laundry and

Reductions in waste can be made at different stages of a homes
life cycle. During the construction phase, you should ask your
builder how he disposes of site waste. Encourage the reuse of
materials and the recycling of products that don't get used.

About the author:
FWR Group Pty Ltd
provide clients with
sustainability consulting
services for all facets of the
emerging sustainable development sector, including technology,
strategic planning, sustainable business and education/training

Friday, January 22, 2010

Building Solar Panels - Escape From Energy Bills For Good

By: John Greenspan

Many folks escaped from exorbitant energy bills, by building
solar panels for their home. Solar energy is available in
abundance, so this is a reliable option. Having sufficient
photovoltaic panels installed, you can generate enough
electricity for the entire day and night.

The electricity meant for use at night is stored in a battery
bank. When the sun sets, the accumulators discharge their power
so your home can continue to be supplied with electricity. In
this way, you can even live independent of the power grid

Harnessing solar energy (by the use of photovoltaic panels) can
certainly help lower or eliminate your electricity bills
altogether. But a complete set of solar energy panels that can
supply all of your household needs would probably set you back
by at least twenty thousand dollars. And if you're taking a
loan, you'll end up paying even more because of the interest
accrued. The sad fact is few people in the working class can
afford these readily. Therefore many continue to be fully
dependant on the power grid, paying up whatever is demanded of

Thankfully we're in an age when using renewable energy is in
vogue. Many homeowners are buying resources to help them build
their own solar energy panels. Thus affordable, environmentally
friendly energy is available to you so long as you're willing to
put your hands to the plough for some days. This effort that you
put in continues to bring forth returns year after year.

What Is Required To Build DIY Solar Panels?

There are two ways to build your own solar energy panels. The
first way is to get all the raw components and fit them together
from scratch. The other way is to get a solar energy kit. This
is a package that contains everything you need to set up your
own solar power generator.

Photovoltaic kits are very educational and instructions are
usually quite thorough and simple to understand. The manual is
replete with diagrams and instructions on how to make your own
solar energy panels. Compared to constructing a solar generator
from scratch, this method helps you get what you need in the
shortest time. However it is more costly.

If you want to construct a solar power generator without a kit,
you'll need a good solar energy panel blueprint to guide you
along. This will help you avoid 99% of the mistakes a
first-timer makes. Although it will cost a little, the price of
a good instructional material pays for itself many times over.
This is because good instruction guides have blueprints and tips
on where to find good-quality materials for your project. This
information alone is worth its weight in gold. It'll save you
thousands of dollars that will otherwise be wasted on silly

About the author:
John Greenspan is an expert in DIY solar panels
and has build several solar power generators in his spare time.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Homemade Solar Panel Plans -- An Introduction

By: John Greenspan

You can harness solar power from the sun by following a homemade
solar panel plan to construct solar energy panels. These
blueprint show you how to mske use of simple materials and
photovoltaic components to construct and install solar energy
panels that can supply your household with electricity.

Since energy price only gets more expensive year after year,
many households are pressured to look for alternatives to create
their own power supply. This can be in the form of residential
solar power, wind energy, hydroelectric energy or geothermal
energy. Of these, solar power is most popular because of the
ease of setup.

Using solar energy as an alternative source of power can help
you save significant amounts of money on your monthly utility
bills. The average household spends up to $300 on utility bills
alone. If you are just able to save $200 every month, this will
amount to $2,400 in savings per year. Taking inflation into
consideration, we're talking about a huge amount of money over
25 years, which is the expected lifespan of your homemade panels.

The first thought in most homeowners who wants to install solar
panels is to hire a commercial company. This used to be the only
way to tap solar energy for your home. But this can easily set
you back by roughly $30,000 for a full photovoltaic
installation. That's why solar energy panels weren't more
popular then.

Things are certainly different now. Many state governments are
encouraging homeowners to use renewable energy. They offer
incentives and rebates so more households can tap into this
inexhaustible supply of power. Thus residential solar panels
have become more accessible to many families and they can then
enjoy the benefits of having a solar power generator.

On top of the incentives, you can save even more money by making
your own solar energy panels. Nowadays, homemade solar energy
plans are readily available. They educate and train the average
consumer like you and me the essential know-how on DIY assembly
and installation.

You may be wondering if it is indeed easy to make a solar energy
panel yourself. Many people who are thinking of building their
first panel share your concern. Yet if you can follow simple,
step-by-step instructions and don't mind rolling up your sleeves
to get some work done, you can bring your project to completion
even if you're an absolute first-timer who has zero DIY
knowledge and experience. That's how difficult it gets.

Good instructional guides are replete with illustrations and
even include video clips to expound on their points so there is
very little room for error. So make sure these basics are
present before buying. These products usually cost no more than
$100. They are really good investments because they provide you
with tips on how to cut cost and where to get cheap materials
you can use for your project.

Other than photovoltaic panels themselves, getting a homemade
solar panel plan is definitely the best investment you can make
for your home. By putting the information into action, and
you'll soon see your energy bills drop by 80%...or more.

About the author:
John Greenspan is an expert in homemade solar
and has build several solar power generators in his
spare time. Are you interested in building DIY Solar panels?
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Benefits of Renewable Energy

By: Anthony Parker

With modern day concern that global warming is for real there is
an increasing demand by business and householders for
information on the renewable energy options that are available.
This review looks at the different types of renewable energy
options and advises on what may be the best for most peoples

Renewable energy can be described as a form of sustainable
energy that is a product of the earth's natural environment. Any
source of energy that can provide an ongoing flow and/or be
replaced by nature falls into the category of renewable energy.
Where as fossil fuels are in limited or finite supply, the
supply of renewable energy will never be totally exhausted. The
various sources of renewable energy include solar, wind, water,
biomass, wood waste, geothermal, photovoltaic, and solar thermal

Energy is such an essential requirement of our daily lives that
we all have to take it seriously. Energy is needed to provide
lighting, heating, air conditioning, cooking, transport and to
power all the technologies in the family home or business
premises. The benefits of renewable energy can make a real
contribution in most of these areas of energy usage.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of renewable energy is the
potential for it to provide clean sources of power generation
that is also affordable for both home owners and businesses.
Secondly, in the case of solar energy, the maintenance required
is low as cleaning of the panels is low cost and relatively
easy. Businesses benefit from a clean energy image that
renewable presents through its ability to reduce pollution and
have a positive effect on the environment. Home owners can
benefit from such renewable energy concepts as solar powered
lighting for walkways and solar covers on swimming pools.

While particularly in countries with strong sunlight, solar hot
water systems are great for a cleaner low cost water heating
system. Furthermore, in many areas of the world governments now
offer generous rebates for solar energy installations and power
generators will often agree to buy excess power from households
with their own solar electricity installations. The "benefits of
renewable energy" are real.

Many people considering a renewable energy installation may
wonder whether to choose solar or wind energy. In the case of
businesses, urban locations have a number of problems for wind

- Lack of wind speed

- Council or planning restrictions; and

- Buildings not designed to withstand the level of vibration
that wind turbines can cause.

- Suburban and inner city homes face similar problems with wind

- Government planning restrictions

- The unreliability of urban wind speeds and consistency; and

- Structural problems with attachment of wind turbines to a

As a result, solar energy through the use of solar panels would
be the best option for businesses and home owners alike.

As more people decide to take the initiative and do something to
contribute to a greener future, a home with green energy will become a big advantage
when selling. International surveys indicate that buyers will
pay up to a minimum of 5 per cent more for a home with
solar/renewable energy compared to a low energy assessment
rating. This is because energy pricing is becoming a real
consideration in all areas of construction. This is yet another
reason to consider the "benefits of renewable energy" option.

About the author:
I have a background in business as well as having worked for a
boss in various employment from politics to the civil service. I
am currently involved in a consultancy where I advise on
business start-ups in the renewable energy and building sectors.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can DIY Solar Panels Really Generate Electricity?

By: Jacob Sikais

Every once in a while, I read about people who have doubts on
whether DIY solar panels really work. If they bother to connect
with people who have built their own homemade solar energy
panels before, they'll know such nifty devices really work...
and they're really affordable. DIY solar energy panels can
reduce your electricity bills dramatically and they are almost
maintenance free.

One of the biggest budget drainer for every household is the
electricity bill. Without fail, it comes and bites a chunk off
your disposable income. To worsen things, fuel price increases
over the long term due to inflation and supply shortage. The
earlier you (a homeowner) start to use solar energy to save on
your monthly electricity bills, the better. As such, time is
working for you. You can hear about your neighbor's increasing
energy bills while you take comfort in the fact you're not the
least affected by it.

In the past, the only way to have solar energy panels in your
home is to get a professional to deliver and install them on
your roof. Harnessing solar energy was considered space age.
Nobody really knew how it worked, and therefore people do not
dare to make one at their backyard.

While hiring professionals make it easy for you, you'll have to
shelve out up to twenty thousand dollars for a complete
installation. This can quickly drain away your hard earned money.

The good news is things are different now. Even kids are
meddling with photovoltaic projects nowadays. Experts have
cracked the code and distilled the art of building your own
solar energy panels into an exact science. For lesser than $200,
you can make your own electricity-pumping photovoltaic panel.
Hook up a few of these to your home and you'll make your
electricity bills fall to its knees.

"So how can I start making my own solar panels?"

The best place to search for information is on the Internet.
There are many guides online that give you blueprints that are
easy to follow. Many of these guides offer unconditional money
back guarantee. So if it doesn't help you understand every
single detail about making photovoltaic panels, you can ask for
a refund. Try doing that in a bookstore.

Despite claims of scam, many folks like you and I have built
their own DIY solar panels. And these are not some flimsy pieces
of material about to fall apart. They are as reliable as
professionally made panels that can last for more than 2
decades. The only difference is you save thousands by making
them yourself.

About the author:
John Greenspan is an expert in homemade solar
and has build several solar power generators in his
spare time. Are you interested in building DIY Solar panels?
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The Need for Alternative Energy Sources

By: Keith Oberg

With the threat of global warming looming over the horizon,and
energy prices sky rocketing we all must consider new alternative
energy sources. In my mind there are quite a few reasons to
pursue such an endeavor.Whether it be to help cut fossil fuel
emissions or save money on your utility bills at home. Your
location and the climate in the area you live in effects the
options that are available to you.

Let's say for instance you live in an area that has very little
sustained wind speeds per year the last thing you would want to
do is spend $ 20,000.00 on a wind turbine, maybe solar energy
would be a better choice.Solar energy is great if you live in an
area that receives an abundance of sunny days and short winters.
A third option I've found requires neither wind nor sun or fuel
of any kind and it perpetually produces power on its' own. This
new product is a magnetic perpetual generator. It can be easily
built with parts readily available at any hardware store. It is
not only extremely efficient, but completely affordable. The
generator itself takes up very little space unlike solar panels
and wind turbines. The unit produces no harmful emissions or
bi-products of any kind.

We all need to do our part to help conserve our national
resources and limit our carbon footprint in any way we can.

I hope that in the near future with the development of new
technology we all will be able to afford and to implement these
energy saving products. For more information contact me at

About the author:
Conservationist,small businessman father and granfather

Monday, January 18, 2010

Make Your Own Solar Panels And Eliminate Your Electricity Bill

By: Jay Geary

Creating your own homemade electricity by making and installing
solar panels, has never made more sense. A permanent means of
eliminating your electricity bill in these questionable times
would - just make sense - that is. And it's not nearly as hard
as you might think.

Commercially produced and installed solar panels will
undoubtedly cause it to become years before you can realize a
profit on your initial investment. However, if your willing to
do a little research and take up this fun and fulfilling
temporary hobby, with a minimal investment you can be reaping
the financial rewards that home generated electricity provides,
in as little as six months. In other words, you'll be off the
grid and have made your money back!

There are basically four things you need to do to be well on
your way to the completion of this very worthwhile endeavor,
that will literally supply you with thousands of dollars each
year in free electricity.

1. Research and buy a good - how to manual - on building and
installing home solar panels. There are several on the internet
that have exact instructions including step by step videos.

2. Take the list of materials they provide for construction and
installation, and decide the best course of action for acquiring
and gathering them all together at your home.

3. Start assembling the panels in your spare time - either in
your garage or yard. Store them inside until they're completed.

4. Pick a weekend, preferably when there's going to be good
weather, get together a few friends, and have some fun. Promise
em you'll help them with installing theirs whenever they're
ready, or maybe just supply some entertaining diversions - and
make it a party! If you feel totally inept at hooking the wiring
from the panels into your main electrical system even after
watching the videos, then have an electrician come over for the
final phase.

That's pretty much it. My first attempt at this process took
under two months and I was really unorganized, but I installed a
wind turbine at the same time. Anyway that was quite a few years
ago and is a great story, for another day. Long story short and
bottom line, nowadays is the best time ever, as the technology
for solar panels has continuously increased, and the
availability of materials is at it's peak. You can realistically
build solar panels with a punch, for under two hundred bucks a

I've never regretted going through the process and am so
impressed with the newer technology, that I'm considering
upgrading my panels and possibly my wind turbine as well. Even
still my electric bills are a joke and there are a couple of
months out of the year when I should be getting a check back
from the electric company. What's the reason I don't? Well
that's another detail I'll have to save for another day.

All in all, if this is something your considering, I would
definitely encourage you to follow through. It's simple and fun
to do, and I must say it was one of the more rewarding home
improvements I have ever undergone. The most satisfying part was
I did most of it on my own, with just a little assistance from
friends and family. It just feels so good making your own
pollution free electricity and eliminating your electric bill?
Well all I can say is - It's one great way of sticking it to the

About the author:
If you would like to learn more about building your own solar
panels then go here.
If you are interested in learning more about other forms of home
electrical generation then visit this site.

How To Make Your Home Green With Power - Energy Efficient Home Product

By: Gary Ashby

There can be various reasons for wanting a more environmentally
friendly home. Today we would have to have our head buried in
sand not to be aware of the ecological damage our presence is
having. Modern lifestyles are very destructive to the planet and
the plants and animals we share the Earth with. If you are
searching for a How to make your home green with power guide
then you can start by implementing the following steps '

1. Efficient Devices: To begin with you should upgrade as many
of your electronic appliances as possible to energy efficient
models. All manufacturers are now aware of environmental
concerns and so market their products with 'green' language. It
does not cost much to switch your light bulbs to eco-saver
varieties. TVs, computers, washing machines, dishwashers, and
various other household appliances all now are available in
energy efficient models.

2. Renewable Energy Sources: Now it is not so difficult to
choose to install an alternative source of electricity in your
home that can be used to cut back on the amount of energy you
take from a utility company. Most companies still produce the
bulk of their electricity from fossil fuels that add to
environmental damage. Solar panels and wind turbines are now
available for residential use and are efficient all year round.

3. Heating Systems: In many homes it is the heating system that
takes the most energy use. You could choose to install a solar
heating system which will greatly reduce your energy consumption.

4. Insulation: Though we often spend a fortune heating our homes
very few of us actually have an adequate form of insulation to
prevent heat loss. By investing in the latest insulation
products you will be cutting back on the power you require.

It is possible to have a home that is completely green. Every
year the cost of switching to better environmental practices is
becoming more affordable.

About the author:
Do you want to build Renewable Energy Systems at home? Do not do it
because the author has found many useless guides online.
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How to Make Solar Panels - A Review of Earth 4 Energy

By: Anthony Parker

We live in a world where green energy is becoming increasingly
popular and there are reasons to introduce it to your own home
or business. One of the best ways to benefit from green energy
is to install solar power. If you want to eliminate some of the
cost of solar you should look at the possibility of
Do-It-Yourself installation . This review will examine the
benefits of the Earth 4 Energy solar energy start-up guide and
inform you on why this option is definitely worth considering.

Solar energy is natures way of harnessing heat from the sun.
This natural source of energy generation has been used by human
beings since ancient times and more sophisticated technologies
are emerging all the time. Solar panels contain a mass of solar
cells or a form of heat absorbing plates that are used to
convert the Sun's natural radiation into energy use for lighting
or heating buildings for example. There are hundreds of green
energy Do It Yourself (DIY) guides or manuals available in
today's marketplace and Earth 4 Energy is considered the first
and most original of those products.

Solar power will save you money - a very tempting reason in
itself. The initial cost of installation is quickly recovered by
the savings you will make with lower energy bills on a monthly
basis. It does not matter whether you choose a full solar panel
installation or a smaller solar harnessing plan, the savings
will still be considerable. A larger solar panel installation
might even save your entire energy bill.

The Earth 4 Energy guide will enable you to take advantage of
solar energy by giving you the latest information on the best
solar technology available. The package includes everything you
need to know in order to:

- Build your own solar panel from scratch

- Make your own wind turbine so you can generate electricity

- Connect all your own devices to a home power grid.

- Sell any excess electricity back to your local electricity
generation company

- Plus other much needed information.

 All of this information is of great assistance in guiding you
in learning "how to make solar panels".

Other great things about solar energy are the ethical benefits.
If you reduce your energy consumption you help make the
environment healthier for everyone. Second, fossil fuel such as
oil is declining in supply and more countries are making heavy
demands on the resource. If we reduce our individual demand on
fossil fuels where possible we play our part in reducing the
risk of global conflict over oil. One the best things about the
sun is that it will always be there it will never run out of its
ability to supply energy for all.

Finally, in a world where the cost of all other types of energy
is constantly increasing having your own solar alternative makes
a lot of sense. Earth 4 Energy
makes it relatively easy by giving you the know-how to
Do-It-Yourself in an easy to understand way. You really do not
need to be a highly proficient home-handy-man to follow the
Earth 4 Energy guide. The videos explain how to assemble solar
panels and other forms of green energy in clear detail. Learning
"how to make solar panels" is a skill well worth having and will
benefit you well into the future.

About the author:
I have a background in business as well as having worked for a
boss in various employment from politics to the civil service. I
am currently involved in a consultancy where I advise on
business start-ups in the renewable energy and building sectors.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solar Panel Kits - Why You Should Use Them

By: John Greenspan

More DIY hobbyists are toying around with solar panel kits in
the past few years. The increasing energy cost motivates them to
look for an alternative solution. There is also a heightened
awareness to preserve our environment for our future
generations. Whatever the reason may be, with solar panel kits,
DIY hobbyists can set up a solar electricity generator in half a
day to power small electrical appliances.

While these panels will not supply the energy needs of your
entire household, it certainly helps reduce your energy bills.
There are 3 compelling reasons why you should be using solar
panel kits:

1. Using Renewable Energy Preserves Our Environment

The use of fossil fuel causes tons of pollutants to be released
into the atmosphere every day. Young children and elderly people
are more susceptible than others. People with health problems
such as asthma, heart and lung disease may also suffer more when
the air is polluted.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution and the
development of the internal combustion engine, people have been
breathing in carbon particles and other harmful gases everyday.
Yet our environment can become cleaner if more of us use
renewable energy to supplement our daily needs.

2. They Help Cut Your Energy Bills

Besides helping the environment, solar energy can supplement
your household energy needs. This helps reduce your electricity
bills. With enough solar panels running for you, the savings can
be substantial - you may even cut your bills in half. For
example, estimates show that with renewable energy sources, the
average family in New Hampshire can save up to $171 in utility

3. Energy Can Be Available Anywhere

It is expensive and resource draining to run power cables to
remote places. Whether you are in the middle of a desert or on
an abandoned island, you can still produce electricity for
yourself as long as the sun shines. With sufficient solar panels
and the help of an energy bank, electrical appliances can work
anytime of the day, whenever you require them to.

There is also no limit to the applications your solar energy kit
can power -- water heaters, satellites, outdoor lights, gate
openers, et cetera. The only limitation lies in our willingness
to use them.

In the United States, government tax breaks are given to
encourage people to turn to renewable energy to supplement their
energy needs. Many corporations are also relying less on fossil
fuel as they realize the harmful consequence of burning these
toxic-releasing substances. Building solar panels from solar
panel kits is one good way you can personally take environmental
and energy concerns into your own hands.

About the author:
John Greenspan is an expert in
(DIY) solar panels and has built several solar power generators in his
spare time. Are you interested in building DIY Solar panels?
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