Monday, January 18, 2010

Make Your Own Solar Panels And Eliminate Your Electricity Bill

By: Jay Geary

Creating your own homemade electricity by making and installing
solar panels, has never made more sense. A permanent means of
eliminating your electricity bill in these questionable times
would - just make sense - that is. And it's not nearly as hard
as you might think.

Commercially produced and installed solar panels will
undoubtedly cause it to become years before you can realize a
profit on your initial investment. However, if your willing to
do a little research and take up this fun and fulfilling
temporary hobby, with a minimal investment you can be reaping
the financial rewards that home generated electricity provides,
in as little as six months. In other words, you'll be off the
grid and have made your money back!

There are basically four things you need to do to be well on
your way to the completion of this very worthwhile endeavor,
that will literally supply you with thousands of dollars each
year in free electricity.

1. Research and buy a good - how to manual - on building and
installing home solar panels. There are several on the internet
that have exact instructions including step by step videos.

2. Take the list of materials they provide for construction and
installation, and decide the best course of action for acquiring
and gathering them all together at your home.

3. Start assembling the panels in your spare time - either in
your garage or yard. Store them inside until they're completed.

4. Pick a weekend, preferably when there's going to be good
weather, get together a few friends, and have some fun. Promise
em you'll help them with installing theirs whenever they're
ready, or maybe just supply some entertaining diversions - and
make it a party! If you feel totally inept at hooking the wiring
from the panels into your main electrical system even after
watching the videos, then have an electrician come over for the
final phase.

That's pretty much it. My first attempt at this process took
under two months and I was really unorganized, but I installed a
wind turbine at the same time. Anyway that was quite a few years
ago and is a great story, for another day. Long story short and
bottom line, nowadays is the best time ever, as the technology
for solar panels has continuously increased, and the
availability of materials is at it's peak. You can realistically
build solar panels with a punch, for under two hundred bucks a

I've never regretted going through the process and am so
impressed with the newer technology, that I'm considering
upgrading my panels and possibly my wind turbine as well. Even
still my electric bills are a joke and there are a couple of
months out of the year when I should be getting a check back
from the electric company. What's the reason I don't? Well
that's another detail I'll have to save for another day.

All in all, if this is something your considering, I would
definitely encourage you to follow through. It's simple and fun
to do, and I must say it was one of the more rewarding home
improvements I have ever undergone. The most satisfying part was
I did most of it on my own, with just a little assistance from
friends and family. It just feels so good making your own
pollution free electricity and eliminating your electric bill?
Well all I can say is - It's one great way of sticking it to the

About the author:
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panels then go here.
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electrical generation then visit this site.

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