Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solar Panel Kits - Why You Should Use Them

By: John Greenspan

More DIY hobbyists are toying around with solar panel kits in
the past few years. The increasing energy cost motivates them to
look for an alternative solution. There is also a heightened
awareness to preserve our environment for our future
generations. Whatever the reason may be, with solar panel kits,
DIY hobbyists can set up a solar electricity generator in half a
day to power small electrical appliances.

While these panels will not supply the energy needs of your
entire household, it certainly helps reduce your energy bills.
There are 3 compelling reasons why you should be using solar
panel kits:

1. Using Renewable Energy Preserves Our Environment

The use of fossil fuel causes tons of pollutants to be released
into the atmosphere every day. Young children and elderly people
are more susceptible than others. People with health problems
such as asthma, heart and lung disease may also suffer more when
the air is polluted.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution and the
development of the internal combustion engine, people have been
breathing in carbon particles and other harmful gases everyday.
Yet our environment can become cleaner if more of us use
renewable energy to supplement our daily needs.

2. They Help Cut Your Energy Bills

Besides helping the environment, solar energy can supplement
your household energy needs. This helps reduce your electricity
bills. With enough solar panels running for you, the savings can
be substantial - you may even cut your bills in half. For
example, estimates show that with renewable energy sources, the
average family in New Hampshire can save up to $171 in utility

3. Energy Can Be Available Anywhere

It is expensive and resource draining to run power cables to
remote places. Whether you are in the middle of a desert or on
an abandoned island, you can still produce electricity for
yourself as long as the sun shines. With sufficient solar panels
and the help of an energy bank, electrical appliances can work
anytime of the day, whenever you require them to.

There is also no limit to the applications your solar energy kit
can power -- water heaters, satellites, outdoor lights, gate
openers, et cetera. The only limitation lies in our willingness
to use them.

In the United States, government tax breaks are given to
encourage people to turn to renewable energy to supplement their
energy needs. Many corporations are also relying less on fossil
fuel as they realize the harmful consequence of burning these
toxic-releasing substances. Building solar panels from solar
panel kits is one good way you can personally take environmental
and energy concerns into your own hands.

About the author:
John Greenspan is an expert in
(DIY) solar panels and has built several solar power generators in his
spare time. Are you interested in building DIY Solar panels?
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