Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can DIY Solar Panels Really Generate Electricity?

By: Jacob Sikais

Every once in a while, I read about people who have doubts on
whether DIY solar panels really work. If they bother to connect
with people who have built their own homemade solar energy
panels before, they'll know such nifty devices really work...
and they're really affordable. DIY solar energy panels can
reduce your electricity bills dramatically and they are almost
maintenance free.

One of the biggest budget drainer for every household is the
electricity bill. Without fail, it comes and bites a chunk off
your disposable income. To worsen things, fuel price increases
over the long term due to inflation and supply shortage. The
earlier you (a homeowner) start to use solar energy to save on
your monthly electricity bills, the better. As such, time is
working for you. You can hear about your neighbor's increasing
energy bills while you take comfort in the fact you're not the
least affected by it.

In the past, the only way to have solar energy panels in your
home is to get a professional to deliver and install them on
your roof. Harnessing solar energy was considered space age.
Nobody really knew how it worked, and therefore people do not
dare to make one at their backyard.

While hiring professionals make it easy for you, you'll have to
shelve out up to twenty thousand dollars for a complete
installation. This can quickly drain away your hard earned money.

The good news is things are different now. Even kids are
meddling with photovoltaic projects nowadays. Experts have
cracked the code and distilled the art of building your own
solar energy panels into an exact science. For lesser than $200,
you can make your own electricity-pumping photovoltaic panel.
Hook up a few of these to your home and you'll make your
electricity bills fall to its knees.

"So how can I start making my own solar panels?"

The best place to search for information is on the Internet.
There are many guides online that give you blueprints that are
easy to follow. Many of these guides offer unconditional money
back guarantee. So if it doesn't help you understand every
single detail about making photovoltaic panels, you can ask for
a refund. Try doing that in a bookstore.

Despite claims of scam, many folks like you and I have built
their own DIY solar panels. And these are not some flimsy pieces
of material about to fall apart. They are as reliable as
professionally made panels that can last for more than 2
decades. The only difference is you save thousands by making
them yourself.

About the author:
John Greenspan is an expert in homemade solar
and has build several solar power generators in his
spare time. Are you interested in building DIY Solar panels?
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