Monday, January 18, 2010

How To Make Your Home Green With Power - Energy Efficient Home Product

By: Gary Ashby

There can be various reasons for wanting a more environmentally
friendly home. Today we would have to have our head buried in
sand not to be aware of the ecological damage our presence is
having. Modern lifestyles are very destructive to the planet and
the plants and animals we share the Earth with. If you are
searching for a How to make your home green with power guide
then you can start by implementing the following steps '

1. Efficient Devices: To begin with you should upgrade as many
of your electronic appliances as possible to energy efficient
models. All manufacturers are now aware of environmental
concerns and so market their products with 'green' language. It
does not cost much to switch your light bulbs to eco-saver
varieties. TVs, computers, washing machines, dishwashers, and
various other household appliances all now are available in
energy efficient models.

2. Renewable Energy Sources: Now it is not so difficult to
choose to install an alternative source of electricity in your
home that can be used to cut back on the amount of energy you
take from a utility company. Most companies still produce the
bulk of their electricity from fossil fuels that add to
environmental damage. Solar panels and wind turbines are now
available for residential use and are efficient all year round.

3. Heating Systems: In many homes it is the heating system that
takes the most energy use. You could choose to install a solar
heating system which will greatly reduce your energy consumption.

4. Insulation: Though we often spend a fortune heating our homes
very few of us actually have an adequate form of insulation to
prevent heat loss. By investing in the latest insulation
products you will be cutting back on the power you require.

It is possible to have a home that is completely green. Every
year the cost of switching to better environmental practices is
becoming more affordable.

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