Thursday, January 21, 2010

Homemade Solar Panel Plans -- An Introduction

By: John Greenspan

You can harness solar power from the sun by following a homemade
solar panel plan to construct solar energy panels. These
blueprint show you how to mske use of simple materials and
photovoltaic components to construct and install solar energy
panels that can supply your household with electricity.

Since energy price only gets more expensive year after year,
many households are pressured to look for alternatives to create
their own power supply. This can be in the form of residential
solar power, wind energy, hydroelectric energy or geothermal
energy. Of these, solar power is most popular because of the
ease of setup.

Using solar energy as an alternative source of power can help
you save significant amounts of money on your monthly utility
bills. The average household spends up to $300 on utility bills
alone. If you are just able to save $200 every month, this will
amount to $2,400 in savings per year. Taking inflation into
consideration, we're talking about a huge amount of money over
25 years, which is the expected lifespan of your homemade panels.

The first thought in most homeowners who wants to install solar
panels is to hire a commercial company. This used to be the only
way to tap solar energy for your home. But this can easily set
you back by roughly $30,000 for a full photovoltaic
installation. That's why solar energy panels weren't more
popular then.

Things are certainly different now. Many state governments are
encouraging homeowners to use renewable energy. They offer
incentives and rebates so more households can tap into this
inexhaustible supply of power. Thus residential solar panels
have become more accessible to many families and they can then
enjoy the benefits of having a solar power generator.

On top of the incentives, you can save even more money by making
your own solar energy panels. Nowadays, homemade solar energy
plans are readily available. They educate and train the average
consumer like you and me the essential know-how on DIY assembly
and installation.

You may be wondering if it is indeed easy to make a solar energy
panel yourself. Many people who are thinking of building their
first panel share your concern. Yet if you can follow simple,
step-by-step instructions and don't mind rolling up your sleeves
to get some work done, you can bring your project to completion
even if you're an absolute first-timer who has zero DIY
knowledge and experience. That's how difficult it gets.

Good instructional guides are replete with illustrations and
even include video clips to expound on their points so there is
very little room for error. So make sure these basics are
present before buying. These products usually cost no more than
$100. They are really good investments because they provide you
with tips on how to cut cost and where to get cheap materials
you can use for your project.

Other than photovoltaic panels themselves, getting a homemade
solar panel plan is definitely the best investment you can make
for your home. By putting the information into action, and
you'll soon see your energy bills drop by 80%...or more.

About the author:
John Greenspan is an expert in homemade solar
and has build several solar power generators in his
spare time. Are you interested in building DIY Solar panels?
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