Monday, February 15, 2010

Solar Panel Products: Providing Renewable Sources of Energy

We are getting greener.  These days there are products that are powered using renewable energy. Some of the more popular products are solar panel products.  Some of these products are great outdoor pieces like birdbaths, water fountains, and the like, all being powered by solar energy.  If you think about it, these items are suited for solar power as they would only be turned on during summer days and instead of using electricity, they use solar panels instead. Other solar panel products are outdoor lamps and just recently, some indoor lamps are getting their juice from the sun as well.

Just recently in the United States, there have been tax incentives in certain states for people transforming part of their homes to solar energy. As much as 30% in federal tax credits can be given to you for going solar. In fact, California, as one of the most promising and suitable places for solar energy set its goal of 33% of its energy by 2020 comes from renewable resources.  In the area of Berkeley, there is a move by the city to waive initial set up fees of solar cell converter.  Looking at how aggressive this city is, it is more probable that in the near future, this city will become the model city for the number of homes utilizing solar power as well.

In Australia, the uses of solar ovens have been in place for years. Relatively easy to set up, this makeshift cooking utensil was actually started by the aborigines and then was caught on by the rest of the aussies. Solar heaters in homes are probably more prevalent in this country than any other in the world. The use of solar panels is nothing new to them and they continue to grow in the number of solar users as this article is being written.

The advantage of having more people use solar panel products is that it drives the price down. Through the economies of scale, mass production of such items means that their prices becoming lower to be competitive against other companies that offer a similar product. The ending result is that we the consumers win. As china has entered the foray through its manufacturing advantage against other countries, their products become more affordable so that newly industrialized countries and its citizens become aware of it and hopefully purchase some products.  And if this trend continues, there will be less dependency on petroleum and oil. Solar energy, as a renewable resource, is now mainstream.

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